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Embroidered Logo/Custom Design Sweatshirt - READ DESCRIPTION (Adult)

Embroidered Logo/Custom Design Sweatshirt - READ DESCRIPTION (Adult)

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Are you looking for embroidered apparel with your business logo or custom design for a special event? Then you're in the right spot! Have questions? Scroll to the FAQ at the end!

Click here to get our pricing info so you know what your investment will be prior to submitting everything!

Below is the process I use in order to help me work most efficiently:
1. Get your logo digitized
Embroidery machines require a special file format in order to know how and where to place the stitches on your apparel. You might think you already have this format if you've had your logo designed by a professional, but unless you have had your logo/design embroidered before, you do not. No worries, though, it's super simple and generally less than $20. Please note that I am only able to accommodate 5 total colors in a logo/design. You will need to simplify if yours has more than this.

To start digitizing, email your logo/design file to and tell her you need it digitized in .PES file type (this is what my machines can read). Let her know what size you'd like the design to be and she will give you a pricing quote and an invoice to have your work digitized. 

For center chest location: Average 6-7 inches in width for most logos. Max 9 inch width x 8 inch high.
For "pocket"/left chest location: Suggested around 3.75-4 inch width. Max 4.25 inch width and height.
*For wrist: Small icon/lettering parallel to the wrist seam. Do not try to fit a bunch of text or detailed design in this small area as it will look sloppy. Max size 2.25 wide x 2 high.
*For sleeve: For lettering that runs up the lower half of the sleeve (elbow to wrist). Max size 3 wide x 7 high.
*Wrist and sleeve embroidery comes with an upgrade of $4-6 PER PIECE. Please take that into consideration when planning your order.

 2. Purchase deposit (this listing) and email logo
Got your digitized logo finished? Yay! You're ready to purchase this listing which serves as a deposit and saves your spot in my queue. Please include your order details in the text area (Click here to get our pricing info if you're not sure what your budget will allow). Once you've checked out, promptly email your digitized design to

3. Receive invoice for remaining balance

Upon submitting your deposit and sending your logo, you'll be placed in our order queue. Once we reach your order and are ready to begin processing, you will receive an invoice based on the order details you provided. We will not begin processing until your invoice has been paid, so please do that as soon as you're able to avoid delaying your order. If you need to make any adjustments to your order before or after receiving your invoice, you can email us!

4. Celebrate!
Your order is now in production and should be completed soon!


-What can I expect to pay?
Click here to get our pricing sheet so you know what your investment will be prior to submitting all of your info!

- What's your turnaround time?
You can expect 2-3 weeks from the time you submit your deposit and email your digitized logo to the time your order is shipped. We always work as quickly as we can!

- Why can't I send you my logo and you can get it digitized and add in the cost to my invoice?
I have tried this way, but as a small business owner, I already have a million tasks to keep track of from day-to-day. It is much more efficient for you to work directly with the digitizer that way you're able to make any adjustments and we don't waste time with me playing the middleman! With that said, please let me know if you have any issues getting your design digitized!

- Can I mix and match colors/sizes/styles?
You bet! The bulk breakdown is based on total quantity - feel free to order different styles, colors and sizes to meet your needs.

- Do I really need a custom digitization?
For logos, generally yes. If you have a design in mind but aren't super set on any specific fonts or exact shapes/images, I can help you look for pre-digitized files that are generally cheaper and faster than waiting on custom digitization. However, sometimes purchasing from a random shop can result in a poor digitization - this doesn't happen often, but is a possibility. In the below slideshow, the spicy sixties design was created using a font I already have and purchasing a pepper file from Etsy for $1.99. I'm always happy to look at your idea prior to you sending it to a digitizer!

Turnaround + Shipping

Non-custom orders typically ship within 3 business days.

Turnaround for embroidery orders is 10-12 business days. Vinyl and screen printing is 7-10 business days. Standard shipping is typically 3-4 days.

Returns + Exchanges

Custom products are not returnable. Please double check spelling (when necessary) and size charts.

If you receive a product with a defect, please contact us within 3 days of receiving the product.

Non-custom items may be returned within 5 business days of receiving the product for a full refund minus the cost of return shipping. Please contact us if you need to make a return or exchange.

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